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Ian Lawrence

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Hi there. My name is Ian Lawrence and if you made it this far (hey, this isn't exactly easy to find), it's either because you want something I have or know how to do, need to talk to me about something, or are curious about who I am.

I suppose my life is a bit unconventional.

After a BA degree from the University of Portsmouth, where I defended my dissertation on recycling strategies I set up a business in the UK. I soon had everything I thought I needed to make me happy – houses, cars, nice clothes and plenty of money. It did not take too long before I was trying to work out why I was not. That process finished with me waiting for the Eurostar at London Waterloo with a healthy bank account, a laptop, a backpack and a bunch of Visas in my passport. I caught the first train into Europe and continued going east teaching myself new stuff along the way. After some years I arrived in Brazil on an Earthwatch project to assess the impact of technology on an indigenous community in the Amazon, fell in love with the country and with a local Brazilian girl, married her and we now have a beautiful son who makes us both very proud.

I work as a consultant but also lead technical projects - mostly related to using technology for social benefit in developing countries. I am also a member of the EFF and like travelling and maintaining my blog.


I get to speak, do interviews and write books too and I have been involved for many years with Metareciclagem and as the maintainer of the Bricolabs site


I am the owner of a start up working on software for social impact. Clients include the FAO, Foundation Human Nature, WWF, World Vision, Crisis Management Initiative and Plan International.
I have just completed an MBA in The Strategic Management of Technology Innovation at UNICAMP