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What is the digital equivalent of lovely? He wondered. What are the digits that encode beauty, the number-fingers that enclose, transform, transmit, decode, and somehow, in the process, fail to trap or choke the soul of it? Not because of the technology but in spite of it, beauty, that ghost, that treasure, passes undiminished through the new machines.

Microsoft Education Delivery

A short Office Mix explaining the solution

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Jozian Ltd

We build great solutions around Web, Mobile and Cloud

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Making Magic

Getting the right aid to the right people in L3 (large scale) humanitarian disasters is a hard problem. I wrote MAGIC to track in real time aid planning, procurement and distribution. It was created for the UN in South Sudan. Read more about both MAGIC and South Sudan below..

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A Bitcoin project

A wallet where user deposits are kept in fiat.

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Advances in mobile data collection: Nokia Data Gathering 4.04

Dourado, which means gold in Portuguese is the standard to which all data gathering tools aspire. Locally in the Amazon Basin the Dourado is known as one of the largest freshwater fish being brave, compulsive and an ambush hunter which makes it a dream fish for many anglers and fully deserving of its title 'King of the River'. During their spawning season which occurs in spring and early summer, they leap spectacularly out of the water to avoid rapids and obstacles until they reach the headwaters where the males and females swim side by side until the eggs are released. The eggs are then scattered by the current and its every fish for himself!..

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