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Ian Lawrence

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BricoLabs is a beautiful horizontal network in action, a metaReciclagem, happening in Brazilian cities such as the Uber Metropolis of Sao Paulo or the tropical paradise of d'Ajuda Arraial in Bahia.

MetaReciclagem is a network in action. It is not
an NGO, Co-operative, Private Company,
Politica Party, Autonomous/Anarchist Collective,
or the State... but makes use of resources as
they emerge for the public, collective and
plural good (one more time, not involving the

The proposal is to create new generalized
programs for the utilization of machines which
are considered obsolete or incompatible with
pluri/collective/public use. This implies the
transformation of the 'signifigance' associated
with the machine and the appropriation of
knowledge for the people.

Contemporary Capitalism depends on the
constant and incessant invention of technology
badulaques, leaving society every year (or month) an uncountable numbers of these useful tools lying
in the rubbish bin.

To function, the witchcraft of modernization
demands that these tools of communication
and intelligence are tied to non-public uses and
serve therefore as indicators of the social
status, bureaucratic or financial power of

However, this process frees many communication
and informational resources for society in general
making it possible to establish other social
programs using these freed machines using new
experiences and knowledge for the pluralization
of access and public use of such equipment and

Our method is to make more plural and public
the use of such recycled tools for the benefit of the socially marginalized

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