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Ian Lawrence

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Canola Theme Maker

Create your own theme

INdT recently published a link to the Canola Theme Maker on the Canola website

This service allows *anyone* to create (and publish if they would like to) a theme for Canola. All you need to do is read the guide (PDF), create your images,zip them up and upload them to the site. The service then handles the creation of the Debian package and offers a choice of Creative Commons licenses should you want your new theme to be submitted for inclusion on the gallery. The resulting .deb can be downloaded and installed on any Maemo powered device

Canola Theme Maker

The site was conceived by handful, the UI was designed by giselle, the CSS written by hugo and I did the Django and the Python work (based on a prototype made by Eduardo Fleury). It was really great working as a team and web work really lends itself to working in a distributed manner (in this case between Manaus and Recife)

The Ubuntu Golden Theme written by Marcello Mendes (rapadura) from Debian Amazonas is already in the gallery for you to download!.It is licensed under CC ATTRIBUTION NON-COMMERCIAL (by-nc)


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Nice work...

Posted by timsamoff at 2009-02-09 20:19
This really is very cool. I'd love to see something as polished as this for Maemo in general.
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