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Ian Lawrence

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Chicken Auction

Going after a coup

After the chickens escaped last week on the farm
we found ourselves in the market for chicken coups.

The auction attracted some real 'Cornish beauties'.
'My partner closed her eyes last week, that's why I
came boy ' said one old guy as another, even older,
stood pissing against the hedge behind us.
The chance to acquit yourself well in the auction
bidding, pasties and what seemed like the first
day of spring this year brought out Cornwall's finest.

Chicken Auction

There is no doubting some people knew the
chicken business inside out. We apparently
'don't want to know' what happens to the
thousands of birds being culled in the fallout
from the bird flu outbreak in Norfolk and we
found out that organic bird food is twice the
price of chemical feed.

Pretty pleasing then, it was, to come away with
the coups. At least our expensively fed organic
chickens can lay their eggs in comfort now

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