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Ian Lawrence

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Community Building on Open Generic Infrastructures

A generic infrastructure is bio-equivalent to a brand or proprietary infrastructure with respect to electric and application dynamics

Bricolabs investigate new ways of scripting
new forms of solidarities with digital technology.

Bricolabs are a loosely organized set of
already existing bottom up techno-cultural labs,
r&d institutes, academic labs and research,
and open source hardware initiatives.
They investigate the recent technological
possibilities of wireless opportunistic ad hoc
networking, social business models (not based
on ip and patents), and educational levels of
citizens agency in the loop of open source
content, spectrum, software and hardware.

As a new organisational model (based on open
source) of diverse groups that share "open
objects" (open source software AND hardware)
and knowledge about how to rework those
objects (online "how to's), rather than
sharing similar contexts, positions, or
objectives, they are dispersed throughout
different localities of technological saturation
as diverse as London, Sao Paulo, Riga,
Bandung, Beijing, Zagreb, Amsterdam,
Johannesburg, Brussels, Dortmund and
Yogjakarta. Bricolabs will investigate the
potentialities of the combination of open societies, open hardware and open labs. Strategic long term aim is to create a brand neutral and non-proprietary generic architecture of everyday infrastructures:

energy, connectivity, transportation,
research and policy for community building.

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