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Ian Lawrence

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Debconf Day 2

Debian on the Openmoko Neo

I spent some time today talking with Junichi Uekawa about how he runs Japanese TV on Debian (the same technology is used in Brazil for digital TV) and the solution seems to be some buggy driver on the MonsterTV HDTV card which we maybe can hack to make work.
I also talked some with Joachim Breitner about his work with Debian on the OpenMoko Neo phone. There is a repository which contains the packages until they are included in Debian proper, both for armel and desktop architectures. Add these apt lines:
deb unstable main
deb-src unstable main

A merge of this repository, Debian experimental and Debian unstable can be used for debootstrap as follows.

Please note that this is a hack and might not work properly

 cdebootstrap --allow-unauthenticated -d sid /mnt/target

You may need to activate experimental in your sources.list

The packages in this repo include:

  • zhone: The demo UI
  • zhone-session: Init scripts to start zhone on system start.
  • frameworkd: System daemon providing most phone features via dbus. 
  • gsm0710muxd: GSM multiplexer daemon

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