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I am now a member of the Open Web Foundation

The Open Web Foundation is an independent non-profit dedicated to the development and protection of open, non-proprietary specifications for web technologies.

I was elected today by the foundation to become a member of the Open Web Foundation.

What is Open Data and the Open Web?

Open Data is increasingly important as services move on-line, indeed data is becoming as important as the actual source code itself.
The Open Web then is all about the data and protocols behind web services - an Open Web needs Open Data and Open Data needs Open Specifications.

The Web as the Platform

Some initiatives such as Microformats, OpenID and OAuth have come about recently and gained popularity.
Although they come from different backgrounds they share some of the same goals and have gained widespread adoption on the web. They are also characterized by an agile (for want of a better analogy) development process -OAuth for instance was a matter of weeks between the drafts and the actual specification shipping. As well as sharing goals they also share some of the problems too - there is no clear licensing for specifications, no standard way to deal with Intellectual Property Rights and no overarching community that transcends the projects with a social contract for all to adhere too.

What is the Open Web Foundation?

It is a non-profit foundation, largely modeled after a hybrid of the Apache Software Foundation and things like the OpenID foundation which will create new open specifications for the web.
It will also importantly think about how to create community responsibility and recognition for defending the "Open Web".
 It already has considerable industry and community support and I am incredibly proud to become a member. I am looking forward to working with everyone on our important tasks!.
More about the foundation is here

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