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Ian Lawrence

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Innovation through Entrepreneurship

This article appeared in the 'You Nokia' magazine in Brazil

Together with 42 other organizations in Amazonas the Nokia Technology Institute (INdT) took part in the 2008 Global Week of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

This is an initiative led by the Institute of Entrepreneurial Endeavor with the objective being to stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit which exists within everyone.

For INdT the event happened at an ideal moment as the Institute is currently implementing an innovation management system as one of its key 'pillars' of corporate entrepreneurship.

'This event was yet another way to spread our culture of innovation'

said Ana Sena who is responsible for Innovation Management at the Institute.

Python class

During the event there was a week long Workshop in Python Programming (Python is a programming language for mobile phones), as well as a day of talks run by members of the Institute which covered such topics as Good Techniques for Project Management, Your Role in Business Management, Agile Methods for Design and Interface Projects and Innovation and Mobility

Source... Nokia VocĂȘ

Translation...Ian Lawrence

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