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Liquid Update

Status report for the UDS Blueprint

Even after the long session at UDS it took us some more time and lots more caffeine to get Liquid finally down on the wiki. We thought we were the crazy mobile heads until Adenilson showed up at one meeting raving about plasma mobile!.

After this the major tasks came down to packaging plasma mobile and modifying kwin and kdm for a mobile device.These are the most important things we need to do before Feature Freeze in mid February. We also of course need to do the meta package, default-settings and work on the theme but we can do this right up to the Lucid release of Liquid

I have been travelling and otherwise occupied since UDS so have not had as much time as I would like to hack on this.

Luckily Rodrigo wanted to 'tocar a bola' for a while and he has been working with the rest of the Ubuntu Mobile team on some fancy liquid moves. This included setting up an icecc compile farm which meant that today we managed to finally get plasma-mobile compiled, packaged and put up on REVU for some feedback. The obligatory screenshot on Ubuntu Lucid is here

Any designers looking at this screenshot will I imagine have lots of ideas about how this 'user experience' could be improved. The nice thing about plasma is that according to Caio the whole interface can be changed very easily using just a qml template. If you feel excited by this then join the Liquid Hackers team on Launchpad or if you feel really inspired come to the Bossa in the Jungle in March where more mobile madness is sure to go down.

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Nice to contact the author before doing anything...

Posted by darktears at 2010-02-01 22:07

I'm the author of plasma-mobile, i think i would love to be part of the discussion about this. You could have send a mail.

It's nice that more people want to jump into the project but we have to talk each others. Packaging the mobile interface now is just loosing your time because :

- it's targeting the N900, more than half of features will NOT work on a regular ubuntu release (dbus services not present, gtk api not present).

- the way it is now (C++) will probably change.

- Qt version that it uses might change.

For now, it's just research pure research. The plan was to shape up the project during tokamak 4 end of this month.

"These are the most important things we need to do before Feature Freeze in mid February"

I think this is completely unrealistic to put Plasma-mobile into Lucid. The release of the former is April. Plasma-mobile doesn't even have a schedule. Please don't spend resources on a broken alpha preview sneek peek on this for Lucid.

KDM seems to be overkill for a mobile. For now we might live with what maemo5 provide for a while : Matchbox + hildon can be fine.

So have you seen the number of may, might, if. Please do not put that into Lucid.

So to be constructive, i would love that you spend your knowledge on helping to package kdelibs and kde dependencies for the N900. You can join the kde-maemo mailing list to help the effort (look at the archive too). I'm not a packager so i would love to have rules to generate a deb for a libplasma and others.

Any questions?
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