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Manaus on the March

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It came as no shock (to me at least) that a Brazilian has won the Maemo logo competition. What is really cool is that Glauber works with us in Manaus
Designers and programmers are now working closely together @ openbossa and it looks like this approach is starting to pay off here in Manaus. Well done, Glauber.

Also in Manaus we have been running some training courses recently at Fucapi, a sort of Educational Institute like a University. I was asked to run a Python course and as part of it I came across a python library called GASP (Graphics API for Students of Python). This *rocks* !. By the end of the lesson all the students (with little or no python experience) had created and customized a Pong game.

I could not believe how easy it was to explain the graphics API to them. It is a easy step from GASP to Pygame and to the creation of games for mobile devices.

So the seed has been planted and things grow rapidly here in the forest!

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Designers and Programmers

Posted by keesj at 2008-08-03 20:43
Great work on creating that synergy between developers and designers. I think you are right in saying it is a great strength.

Booth canola and carman also are amazingly nice to see. it shows you guys are able to combine interaction/design and performance .. thumbs up!

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