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Nokia Data Gathering Open Source

One of the most successful pieces of software ever to come out from the Nokia Institute in Brazil has been released under the LGPL

In January of this year we began discussing the idea of releasing Nokia Data Gathering under an open source license - 8 months later, a couple of days early and here we are. All the legal and IPR issues have been resolved, the corporate site has been updated and we have a new project home on Forum Nokia with training guides, documentation, and a tutorial on setting up a development environment.

To celebrate this achievement we decided to scratch an old itch and package the NDG server for Debian. It was fun learning about the state of Java packaging in Debian and the awesome work of the Debian JBoss team. Jon and I managed to get some of the work done at Debconf in NYC (thanks Nokia) and the rest, well most of it in fact was done by Rodrigo, a new member of the NDG Open Source team.

To try it out add unstable/
to your
and run
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ndg
The packaging work is taking place on the mailing list so please join us if you are interested in this work.

Reaction to the source code release has been great with a nice review up on Mobile Active and a lot of new users on our playground

The positive feedback has inspired us to be creative and we have some great ideas for the future of data collection on mobile devices including porting the mobile client to Series 40, scoping out the design of a 'legacy connector' to talk with existing data sources and integrating Bluetooth sensor support into the server and mobile client.

In the second half of 2010 we will also further develop our university collaborations, particularly in Africa. Here the University of Lagos is already working to select 15 - 20 of its more promising students to work on a data gathering project to assess the extent and nature of patronage enjoyed by alternative medicine practitioners in Nigeria.

Indeed the university collaborations have already been a great success. Rodrigo was one of my students at the INdT/FUCAPI Mobile Linux Development Center and his application Tweego recently won the Maemo Coding Competition.

His prize is a trip up to Ireland to the Meego conference. Well done Rodrigo, for sure you deserve it and watch out for great things from him (and NDG Open Source of course) in the future

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