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Ian Lawrence

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Open Hardware

What does it mean when we talk about Open Hardware

The search for an open generic infrastructure
involves many levels of the stack. The term 'open'
is well defined in terms of software however is
not so clear (at least to me) when we talk about

I found this link on digg which has links to both
the RepRap 3D printer which we have been talking
about on the MetaReciclagem lists and the Arduino
physical computing platform based on the processing programming language (a kind of open source Flash/Director) who are involved in Bricolabs.

Hardware's seems to be in the same state
software was in the 1980s: lots of commercial
developers, very few open source developers
(or like 1970's when only a few had computers
at all). Bricolabs can mean a world of hardware
where there are millions of developers and the
"peer production" of hardware which will mean
better hardware and better communities.

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