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Ubuntu Liquid Remix

Liquid moves in a changing world

Coming hard on the heels of the news that our mug shots have thankfully been removed from the front cover of the 'Professional Ubuntu Mobile Development' book to be replaced with a Formula 1 racing car (WTF!) comes the news that the Ubuntu MID distribution will have a community release codenamed Ubuntu Liquid Remix during the Lucid Lynx cycle.

We are still fleshing out the goals and the work plan for the Liquid Remix and I expect that this will gain more traction at the Ubuntu Developer Summit this November. We have had a discussion with the Mer guys about maybe using the Open Build System for packaging although we will continue to use the Ubuntu infrastructure and seeds to actually germinate our image.

It seems that there is a great opportunity for collaboration and synergy between Mer and Liquid Remix so I am looking forward to the next 6 months of working together.

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Ubuntu Liquid Team Rename

Posted by vern at 2010-01-10 21:46
Liquid is no longer called a remix as it was adopted into the Ubuntu family of releases for Lucid. If you want to help out with the release join the team at

Liquid to target Ubuntu M

Posted by vern at 2010-03-13 01:56
Plasma mobile should be ready for a wider audience around October 2010. Hence the Liquid team decided to target Lucid +1
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