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Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded (UME) Documentation

The best documentation system I have seen these last days is the one developed for the Django book

Formally launched in Spain, the
Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded (UME)
project has opened the way for new
developers to join the project.

For this to happen UME documentation
has to be of a really high standard.
Experience with some of the maemo
documentation has left something to
be desired, so in this spirit I had a think
about what could be done.

The best documentation system I
have seen these last days is the one
developed for the Django book. This
works on a 'many eyeballs' testing
approach using a contextual comment
system to help gather targeted
feedback about the documentation.

Instead of commenting on an entire
chapter, you can leave comments on
any individual "block" in the chapter.
After some time the docs are 'frozen'
and the best comments incorporated
into the main documentation. This
process continues until the final
documentation freeze before release.

This type of innovative approach to
documentation has been extremely
well received by the Django developer

The site they used is basically a front
end on python docutils and
reStructuredText using Ajax/jQuery.
I had a play over the weekend and
installed a similar beta system here
and replicated the compilation &
installation of the Hildon
Desktop Portability Documentation
a test to see how it works. I like it and
will use it some more.

The UME project and links to the code
and technical specifications can be
found at

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