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Ian Lawrence

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Unreal relationship

The story about the start of a virtual relationship.

Vivian called me last night. Vivian is my friend on
Orkut (or yourgute as it is known in Brazil).
When Bono kissed a girl on stage when they played
on Copacaba I think it was , her boyfriend received
thousands of messages calling him corno (i think
cuckold is the nearest in English) and caused the
google servers to use up some processor cycles for
a while. Poor guy, it even made Jornal da Noite..
There as also phone chippers taking cellphones
and chipping them with numbers taken from
Orkut Vivian told me.

I now get so much spam wishing me a good week
or some other such thing I feel weak and so
ashamed that I do not know (technically) how to
block it off.

Maybe Orkut is like Brazil, yes there are bad
things happening in the community (politicians,
civil servants, violence and er, politicians) but
there is good too. I am not talking here about
Carnaval, beaches and samba I am talking about
Brazilians. The qualities English people revere
and cultivate through a learning process such as
kindness, openness, intelligence and love for
nature are given to Brazilians at birth.

Talking to Vivian yesterday reminded me of why
I love Brazil and why I am fighting to return there
with dignity.

Saudades do Brasil

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