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Update from Brazil

Scrum and the Bossa Conference

I have just spent a couple of weeks on holiday back
in the UK seeing my family which was great after so
long away.

One thing I did not miss however was the weather.
I spent the first four days with a headache due to the
cold and I seemed to suffer more this time or at least
take more time to adjust.

As the January weather continues to bring misery to
everyone there it is always nice to come back in
Brazil and start to think about the year ahead.

A personal goal is to try to remember as much as
possible from my youth playing rugby so that I can
try to translate some of the wiley old pack leader tricks
I used to use to my new role as a scrum master @ INdT
My recollections mostly involve pinching, poking eyes
and biting so I am not sure they will be too appropriate
as a tactic but never discount anything :)

The start of a new year also is great because it means
there will be another Bossa Conference coming around

This year it will happen again on March 8 -11 in the

beautiful North East of Brazil

with the focus definitely on QT, Gnome and the 'plumbing'  of a distro.

The guys organizing this years event have some
great stuff planned so it will be an awesome show for sure.
Highly recommended!

Great to see too that Scott James Remnant from Ubuntu
will be there and I hope he will give us some more insights
into Upstart and the whole 'boot the distro damn fast' memes
which are gaining traction in the Linux world at the moment.

 Interesting times ahead see you there!.

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