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Work visa

The job of getting a work visa for Brazil is not easy and is not helped when your lawyer is arrested mid way through the process for fraud

I got an email today from my friend
who wants to hire me to work programming
for them. They are a large multi-national
company but even so:

"The lawyer responsible for your VISA as well
as the person in charge of such matters for
***** in Manaus was recently arrested by
Policia Federal and charged for corruption
and crimes involving gaining a lot of money
from the business of VISAs in Brazil.
As the situation became clearer, it was
obvious that there is a lot of running we
have to do to resolve the situation now.
He is in prison and we are still trying
to recover your file from his office."

I am really shocked. The process of getting
visas for Brazil is really unbelievable.
In the 7 years I have been living in Brazil
I have had to leave 5 times to get new
visas. Each time to my country of birth.
So its into the aircraft in Manaus -> Sao
Paulo -> London.
This has cost me in the region of 4000
pounds with five 10 hour flights/air
miles/environmental impact to add in.
It is *so* inflexible and run in Brasilia
by petty jobsworths whose job it is to
make the process as difficult, time
consuming and stressful as possible.
I just want to get on and write code but
every so often the 'real' world seems to
get right  in the way.

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