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Ian Lawrence

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NDG at Fibea 2010

Fostering Indigenous Business and Entrepreneurship in the Americas Conference

After being used in countries such as Ecuador, Liberia and the Philippines, and in the campaign against Dengue Fever in the state of Amazonas, Nokia Data Gathering (NDG) is conquering new markets. On September 22nd, the tool was presented by Ian Lawrence, a software developer @ INdT, at Fibea 2010, a conference that takes place annually, to discuss issues related to indigenous entrepreneurship in the Americas.

During the event, Ian emphasized the functionality of NDG, which is to collect data more rapidly and with greater precision and he also demonstrated the possibilities the application now offers to communities since it has been Open Sourced.The purpose of participating of Fibea was to demonstrate that NDG is an excellent choice for a start-up businesses which could allow new sources of income to be generated for indigenous communities.

In order to create more interest amongst the crowd, Ian showed, live, how NDG works. He developed a form on the computer and sent it to a mobile phone, which had the software installed. After receiving the information, the device was handed over to the conference participants, in order to let them see for themselves the advantages offered by NDG.